Diario Diario Médico interviews the CEO of Aora Health, Gonzalo Peñaranda

In his interview with Diario Médico, Gonzalo Peñaranda positions Aora Health with a quality flag and efficiency with the aim of developing a project with the maximum scientific rigor, which allows us to promote the diet of the future, redefining the concept of well-being.

With only five years of existence, the company Aora Health, which has positioned itself in the Spanish market with wellness and health products, has achieved a turnover of 2.5 million euros in its first four years. Its objective is to open new markets in Southeast Asia and America, but also to establish itself in the countries where it is currently located, such as Spain. This is stated by the general director of the company, Gonzalo Peñaranda, who believes that self-care is a culture still incipient in this country.
QUESTION: Aora Health was born in 2016. Was it a difficult start?
ANSWER: The beginnings are always complicated, but the key is to invest in what adds value, to trust the project and to be persistent.
This sector is very cautious and unlikely to believe in revolutionary ideas. It is clear that health is a very sensitive issue and, therefore, you have to be careful when launching products, whose purpose is to offer health benefits. In our case, we have all the guarantees and clinical studies that support our products and their results. Despite this, it is not easy to get to the market and convince them that what we do works. On top of that, the Spanish market is not easy. However, we continue to evolve and grow in Spain.
Q. Is it Aora a random name?
A. Our name comes from the Maori of New Zealand, in which the word ora means to be alive, healthy, fit.
Q. How is this laboratory different from others operating in the same field?
A. The Aora Health R + D + I team, works to identify the molecules that exist in nature, studying their mechanisms of action, to develop new products that offer a synergistic and beneficial effect on humans. The treatment and combination of these molecules manages to enhance the properties of our products. In addition, we offer the guarantee of meeting the efficacy criteria of the pharmaceutical industry, such as bioavailability and stability. The next step is to confirm its beneficial effect, conducting clinical studies.

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