Food supplements: landing in Spain


Food supplements, which move on the borderline between pharmaceuticals and nutrition, will be gaining strength in Spain...

26 Jul 2021

Or, at least, that's what AORA Health, a company that has been producing this type of product for third parties for some time, has already launched a whole line of "nutraceuticals" (they are also called that) under its own brand. These include an anti-ageing product, a weight control product, a hair care product, an anti-stress product... "In Spain, the sector is small and fragmented," explains Gonzalo Peñaranda, managing director of AORA Health.

"Compared to France, Italy, Germany, Portugal... we are between three and four times lower in per capita consumption. But we believe that food supplements will become more and more important," he says. Among other things, he says, because of what Spaniards eat:

"the Mediterranean diet is magnificent, but the statistics say that Spaniards do not consume it".

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